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Massachusetts Together We Can
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Termination Notices on Health Insurance for 9 MILLION CHILDREN to be sent out in the next few weeks.

Call today!

The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) was not renewed during GOP's efforts to replace ACA. Medicare, Medicaid and a ravaged ACA are all at stake.

It will be a catastrophe to return to uninsured people using Emergency Rooms for everyday healthcare, which could happen if CHIP is not renewed. One of ACA's successes was to end that practice which is far more expensive than ACA, including CHIP.

What's happening with CHIP now

  1. The Senate passed on a unanimous voicemail to renew CHIP.
  2. House has passed CHIP renewal, at a high price (see below).
  3. It has now returned to Senate.
  4. House pays for CHIP renewal by (a) increasing premiums for people on Medicare making >$500,000 a year; removing some lottery winners from receiving Medicaid; and cutting “$6.35 billion over 10 years from a fund established by the Affordable Care Act to pay for public health initiatives such as preventing diabetes, heart disease, cancer and opoid abuse.”
  5. In the Senate, “work on CHIP legislation has been bipartisan from the start.” Hatch and Wyden of Senate Finance Committee have voted for 5 year renewal, but no agreement on how to finance. Remember, prior to the 2016 Republican hat trick [President, House and Senate], CHIP was financed w/o cannibalizing ACA.
  6. Five states, Arizona, California, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington, have received emergency money to prevent an interruption in coverage until CHIP renewal [hopefully], but all available Federal funds will be exhausted by March. Termination notices will be sent out as early as the next few weeks.
  7. The House funding proposal is problematic. Cutting $6.35 billion in efforts to prevent diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and opoid abuse is about as good an idea as sending your 21 year old daughter for a casting call with Harvey Weinstein. The proposal to increase premiums on folks making $500,000+ sounds like a fine proposal, but caution should be involved as it was made by a Republican Congressman. Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell argues that this "...will result in wealthy people abandoning the program in large numbers, which would worsen the risk pool and ultimately increase the cost for middle- and lower-income seniors.” The AARP opposes the increase in fees for wealthier recipients.

Learn more about CHIP here. 

Talking points when you call:

  • Lack of rapid renewal is about to create a full-time crisis in the next few weeks as letters of imminent cutoff are sent out
  • CHIP should be funded without cuts to other program, (Cuts to Medicare & Medicaid raises the cost of care since more people will seek emergency room care).
  • Children, the elderly, and poor should not be sacrificed for special tax breaks for the wealthy. Senators have a responsibility to meet their obligations to all their constituents, not just the 1 per centers.
  • It seems that only Senators Hatch & Wyden are presently aware of, and are working on, a funding proposal. Please ask that the Senators talk to Hatch and Wyden to talk about the urgency of this!

This is a catastrophe in the making. Please start calling Senators today. Reach out to others to also make calls. Your voice matters!

Please make these important calls to the Finance Committee today!


Chair: Orrin Hatch (R, UT)  1-202-224-5251

Ranking Member: Ron Wyden (D, OR)  1-202-224-5244

Chuck Grassley (R, IA)  1-202-224-3744

Mike Crapo (R, ID)  1-202-224-6142

Pat Roberts (R, KS) – also on Health Care  1-202-224-4774

Michael Enzi (R, WY) – also on Health Care  1-202-224-3424

John Cornyn (R, TX)  1-202-224-2934

John Thune (R, SD)  1-202-224-2321

Richard Burr (R, NC) – also on Health Care  1-202-224-3154

Johnny Isakson (R, GA) – also on Health Care  1-202-224-3643

Rob Portman (R, OH)  1-202-224-3553

Patrick Toomey (R, PA)  1-202-224-4254

Dean Heller (R, NV)  1-202-224-6244

Tim Scott (R, SC)  1-202-224-6121

Bill Cassidy (R, LA)  1-202-224-5821

Debbie Stabenow (D, MI)  1-202-224-4822

Maria Cantwell (D, WA)   1-202-224-3441

Bill Nelson (D, FL)  1-202-224-5274

Robert Menendez (D, NJ)  1-202-224-4744

Thomas R. Carper (D, DE)  1-202-224-2441

Benjamin Carden (D, MO)  1-202-224-4524

Sherrod Brown (D, OH)  1-202-224-2315

Michael Bennett (D, CO)   1-202-224-5852

Robert Casey (D, PA) – also on Health Care  1-202-2246324

Mark Warner (D, VA)  1-202-224-2023

Claire McCaskill (D, MO)  1-202-224-6154

If the Senate renews CHIP without taking money away from ACA, it will go to a Conference for Reconciliation. 

IN THAT CASE, PLEASE MAKE MORE CALLS! Phone calls do make a difference!

Rally your friends and/relatives in other states to also make these calls. Phone calls do make a difference!

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI): 1-202-225-3031
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): 1-202-225-4965

Cong. Richard Neal (D, 1-MA):  1-202-225-5601
Cong. James McGovern (D, 2-MA):  1-202-225-6101
Cong. Niki Tsongas (D, 3-MA): 1-202-225-3411
Cong. Joseph P. Kennedy (D, 4-MA):  1-202-225-5931
Cong. Katherine Clark (D, 5-MA):  1-202-225-2836
Cong. Seth Moulton (D, 6-MA):  1-202-225-8020
Cong. Michael Capuano (D, 7-MA):  1-202-225-5111
Cong. Stephen Lynch (D, 8-MA):  1-202-225-8273
Cong. William Keating (D, 9-MA):  1-202-225-3111